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September 28, 2007



your photo "priest and Mercedes" is not some priest-- it's Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. About the biggest of Orthodox bigwigs.

Several of the other "priests" in the photos near that are also bishops.


Sorry, no disrespect intended. I just wouldn't know a bishop from a pawn if they knocked me down. As to spiritual diginitaries I can barely remember what the Dalai Lama looks like... Blame it on age and bad memory.


Great post! I'm sorry I never took you up on your offer for faranji to faranji advice while we were travelling in Addis. The three weeks went by so quickly.

I randonly came across your Flickr profile as I was trying to find some photos of the Demera celebration in Meskal Square. That was our last night in Ethiopia and your photos are fantastic. I was in the crowd, just slightly to the left of the pyre. We had a decent view and it was a kick to be standing beside the guy who decided to swallow the flames from his candles (a little too much tej?) More impressive though to be in the middle of thousands of people singing and waving the candles as dusk took hold.

I was surprised to see your photos of Bole. We were staying quite close by Gabriel Hospital and the School of Tomorrow. It's quite a shock being back on Seattle soils as we were getting quite used to both the dramatic and subtle differences. Now that I have a frame of reference, I'll be going over your blog posts with a fine tooth comb. :)

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