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September 30, 2007



Please don’t pay those ridiculous Frenjie prices for things you purchase in Addis, in the stores or from the street vendors. By paying the prices you can afford you are not doing the locals a favor. I am not saying this just because you are a Frenjie. I tell this to my kind visitor from Diaspora as well. Even though, it seems very cheap for you and I, it is becoming impossible for the locals to afford most any things. Please tell all your other Frenjie friends as well. Most things are way overpriced in that city. Please, Please try to find the real price of what you are buying or at least try to bargain.


Well, ETB 20 is good for a Time or Newsweek. The Hilton or BookWorld charges 25. As to the DVDs I guess I don't have a comparator. They start out asking 50, then 3/100, so 30 seems pretty good. What should I be paying?

That said, I totally hear you about Ferenges skewing the price curve. I know we do this with houshold help and I hear about it from my colleagues. But the "normal" prices for a housekeeper seem so stingy when it's a small percentage of our wage. So I feel caught between wanting to be nice to my workers, but not hurting average wage-payers.

Waiting for Zufan!

Are there DVDs (and CDs) for kids in Amharic? My Ethiopian friend here in the states said she thinks not; but I think there must be some, right? Do you know where?


I have ordered CD & DVD set from this site Fun with phonics for my kids. It is good for the basic stuff for younger kids. >

I haven't ordered the CD, but this is another site that could be a good resource. I know ETV has it showing once a week when I was visiting.

Please share if you are aware of more on this, I am always on the look out for this type of info.


Links didn't show in the previous post

The sites are: “ethiopic.funwithphonics.net”
Tsehai Loves Learning on “tsehai.com”
Good luck

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