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October 15, 2007



Huh .. after all U are Ferenji so no surprise . why you focus only on Ethiopia ? DV is for every nation and every cantry use it including Europeans and u are saying that only Ethiopians are ranning to the cantry of Honey and milk ha ha ha .. good for u but we love our cantry .. huh Get your ass out from Addis .. u don't belong here !

Joel Haasnoot

Unfortunately, the DV is the US government picking the best people from countries like ethiopia. The people who 'win' (more like selected) move to the US, and I really wonder how many of them are really happy there... There's quite a few cases I've seen where smart, ethiopians with a good job, and respect in their community move to the US because of DV...

nardos geda

hello there
let me start by introducing me my self.i was born in addis abeba ethiopia,then now i am in nirobe,kenya am studing information system in usiu one of the best universtiys in africa,but still i can not concenterat on my classes becouse of my filling to go to america,so i want to say that most of ethiopian peoples has this filling to live,work,visit in usa

nardos geda

u can contact me this is my mail address



Iam ethiopian student in
hyderabad city /india
so I have applied for Dv 2009 in addis ababa at novemeber/2007 by post
(my EPS=135523)
EPS=ethiopian postal service)
at that time i was in my capital city
and i know that the result of dv 2009 will announce in next june
if i will be one of the winner of the year inform me

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