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October 31, 2007



what's the exchange rate?


Right now the embassy gives 9.04 birr/dollar.


your problem spending in birr and earning in $.

It's funny when my friends from Addis visit me in NYC (those who moved from here), it takes them only a few months to start thinking in 'birr'. $4.87 cup of caramel macchiato (44 birr), $2.75 blueberry muffin (25 birr) , $2.50 orange juice (23 birr). 92 birr breakfast on the go. They hate it!


But for Ethiopians living in Ethiopia and getting paid with Ethiopia Birr, spending 50.00 Birr for lunch is like spending $50.00 for lunch. The last time I checked, even the average American in the US can not afford to spend $50.00 for lunch everyday. $50.00 covers the average phone or gas bill.


Every once in a while when you're stuck in mid-town Manhattan or DC for lunch, you get one of those bills for a $50 lunch. That memory makes you realize how unrealistic it would be for average Ethiopians to eat at Lime Tree every day.

Cory D.

This might not be appropriate place to ask, but do you know if there is a place where I can rent mobile phone in Ethiopia?


$50 birr lunch is great! if you can afford it. if you can't well you can enjoy great food at $5 birr too.

It's where you get the food :)


Cory D. rented a SIM card from Red Zebra (in dh geda building) the last time I was there www.redzebraes.com

Cory D


Thank you very much.


Thanks to NGO Ferenjies and Ethiopian Diaspora prices in Addis are untouchable these days for most anything. Either one of these group of people are doing the local citizens, who are struggling to survive, any favor by paying these prices and accepting them as CHEAP. Just think about it once in a while you are living and visiting a country where some earn only $1 or less a day. I know why bother you and can afford it right?

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