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November 21, 2007



Your thoughts add a nice spin to the quiet day we have planned for tomorrow. Thanks for clarifying some of our blessings too. And you're one of them.


I do have the day off tomorrow. My Egyptian colleagues get the day off as well, so it's a bennie for all of us. Of course, it's a regular workday for most of the country.

I also feel like Thanksgiving is a bigger deal for just this reason. We're having a great holiday with some American friends who have been baking for days, hurray.

And ditto to your reasons for being thankful. I feel like so much of what I have in life is because of dumb luck.


I was going to say happy holiday, after I read the above entry, I decided to say have a nice day at work. You didn't say anything about going out for dinner to have a doro wot in memory of the turkey day after work.


It's a good reason to be thankful for ! Happy Thanks Giving Marc

Waiting for Zufan!

Yeah, I know, good fortune is all an accident of birth, isn't it? There is so much sadness related to adoption that sometimes it almost eclipses the joy -- but also sometimes I'm so excited to go to Ethiopia and finally hold the little baby that I'm nearly jumping out of my skin. I've dreamed of traveling to Ethioia for over 20 years now. Crazy. We leave in a matter of hours now! I'm bringing the computer! Maybe I'll run into you? :)

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