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December 20, 2007






off the wall question: i'm heading to ethiopia in a few days and after just speaking with ethiopian airlines they're trying to charge me $350 for an addis-gondar-lalibela-addis ticket. this seems a bit excessive, no? should i just book in-country? will it be any cheaper? what would the ferenge recommend? many thanks.


You're a travel consultant now!

On a semi-serious yet lively note, please recall that the Porter you need to get is Bell's. Not that you would forget or anything. Just a small reminder.

p.s. why not Maker's Mark?


I'm really happy to provide travel advice.

Compared to Knob Creek (or many other single-barrel bourbons), Maker's Mark is pretty mass-market. Knob Creek, while the same proof or higher, is so much more mellow, with cherry and vanilla evident, and mellow oak from the aging. MM is all acidic and alcohol heat, even at lower proof. Still, it's not bad stuff, just not up to KC standards. (Is this more than you were asking for.) Hasta pronto, ml



There is a great travel agency that is very much experienced with tourists, missionaries,.. which is called Abba Travel. They have a good package for Lalibela, Gondar, Aksum.. The package includes Hotels and stuff. A friend had a good experience with them. And they price wasn't that bad either. It is a pity that their site is down but I have the phone #. If you want to do your landsman a favor and checkout the price for him, one of their phone #s is 091- 121-31-33.


The tour price you mentioned is an average price except ET Airlines has a better van with cushioned seat in every city. Believe me you would appreciate that. Here is a list of other travel agencies:- http://www.selamta.net/Tour%20Operators.htm

Merry Christmas, y'all.


Happy Holidays everyone!!


r u moving back 2 US 4 good?


Addis, where you been, man? No such luck for you! You're stuck with me for a while more... (Evil Laugh)

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