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December 22, 2007



Yes, Everybody deserves a second chance!. I don't know how people drive every one has owen way of driving in Addis.
By the way i'm going to Addis next week, i was thinking to hire a car but now i change my mind, special i'm from Australia and we drive the oposite road. i'll just walk!!!


Very true! Nobody pay attention to the rules of the road. It's scary out there.
lol. you played "stupid ferenge" card? I've played a couple times "stupid foriegner" card and i got away from getting speeding ticket. I guess, there's some universal truth wtih playing nationality. The interesting thing is that the highway patrol stopped us (me & my husband) for speeding going to D.C and he gave us verbal warnning, we thanked him and left. We were driving back after 3 days stay in D.C then the same highway patrol stopped us again. We looked at each other and smiled and he said to us "if i find you the third time, i'll give you a ticket". We thnaked him and left. I'm not sure if it was just a luck or he was just looking for people of colour. who knows!


Yeah they (DOT) needs to do more in Addis...retrain the drivers or more traffic COPS to uphold the rules....it's dangerous driving in Addis.


Well, it's dangerous in that you're likely to have an accident with some driver yakking on his mobile phone. OTOH, since everyone drives about 20kph you won't get injured.

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