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December 31, 2007



I decided that I'll work on eliminating procrastination, starting tomorrow (heh!).

Waiting for Zufan!

So, are you going to share those disastrous decisions or just make us speculate? :)

Just thought you'd like a hit from PR, since you are a blog-stat checker -- my resolutions? Well, actually, I did resolve to lose 10 lbs last year, and I actually did it. More like 15, really, amazingly, I'm not sure quite how it happened. This year, I want to be able to run a sloooow marathon, and also to run a 7:00 minute mile. Just one. Right now I can't get under 7:30 for a mile. So, will I be fast and tough next year at this time? I don't know.... but now that the adoption is done I need a big challenge again...


DISASTROUS decisions? I can't believe you would dangle that out there and not give us a bit more data. Cruel.

As for resolutions, I resolve to get my butt to the gym more often. And to pull all the overgrown plants out of my front yard and put something nice in instead. Not really very scintillating resolutions, are they?


My resolution for '08 is to get my butt-off the internet and find another part time job that pay me good enough take care of my outstanding bills? How does that sound Mark? Don't worry I'll still have some time to read and comment on your blog!


Happy New Year Mr.Ferenije. My resolution is to give you a hard time here. j/k

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