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February 01, 2008



Dust off your codebook, young chap!
....Encrypted above are details of your next mission!

Pay close attention to the typos!
Wikk wikk ;-)

Your Control Agent



You are not Ethiopian. You are one filthy Eritrean/shabia. I can smell your stench from miles away.


OH Marc, how in the world can you leave this hilarious commentary??


Was he an agent? If so, the orgnization must be in real trouble recruiting or desperate. Oh God! our security is in the hands of Marc!

Marc Luoma

I aspire to Don-Knotts-style spay status.

(Tade, I tried to e-mail you but it bounced. I had to hide one of your comments and wanted to explain.)


Why cannt the Ethiopian govt privatise ETC and other state owned enterprises? They could have been an engine of growth being run by tough enterpeneurs.

I love your posts and sure will miss that ubiqutous Hawze too.

You seem to have been in the employment of USAID, if so why cannt the Agency use its influence to stir the Addis Regime to pursue viable economic policy like in Sudan or Tanzania. Ship those major pundits of the govt for a month long , all expense paid, stay in those places ( Zanzibar, Kharotum etc) where the internet connection was fast and the mobile service private and extremely efficient. That will be worthwhile investment, both for your relentless efforts and the economic advancement of Ethiopia.
Btw, the govt should ban aggressive begging and nagging by the Natives if it wants to attract tourists and investors alike. This culture is flourishing because Ethiopia was never colonised and it was encouraged by the dominant religious structures as a way to wash sins.

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• The internet, 1998 style, and censored
That's the most obnoxious thing about Ethiopia. I can compromise anything except slow Internet connection

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