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February 23, 2008


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It appears you are now back stateside, so you might not get my other post on your Ethiopia blog. Sorry to be so random, but I am a Master's student in Public Health and I will hopefully be living in Mekele in the Tigray region this summer working on a project. Wondering if you would mind giving me some suggestions on where to live/stay there...you seemed to enjoy Mekele. Thanks so much...it's hard to find info so far away!

James in Washington & Maine

My friends often suggest to meet up at the "Circle". I always assume they mean Dupont and I am always right. So far. What if they don't live in the District and they mean some circle out in Maryland? Hmmm.


Great post! An interesting point of view. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the dcblogs.com listing.


Great post! An interesting point of view. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the dcblogs.com listing.

Lonnie Bruner

Call me crazy, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that the word "district" is in the actual name of the city ...


Not trying to be pretentious but people in VA & MD (those other politically defined areas with voting representation in Congress) will sometimes say they live in DC or Washington to speed up the conversation so they don't have to explain to someone where Rockville is. So saying "the District" is just a way to clarify that I don't live in VA or MD.


You make a great point. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley but, despite the prevalence of many other "Valleys" in the LA area, we were the only one known as "The Valley".


I might be a bit ignorant on US geography, but isn't there only one US district, the "District of Columbia". We are not a state or territory. Unless you are considering voting-districts or school-districts, we are a unique entity...

BTW, is that a picture of you when you were a member of Steely Dan?


i fell as though that is not true. it is just the fact that people in this area do that. there not saying there the only district or city there just saying that its in there area


It could be worse. People who work at the World Bank could simply refer to it as "The World" if they really wanted. Just sayin'...


Ahh, "The District."

I remember the first few times I said this, always with such pride, when I moved here more than four years ago. It sounded so important, so tough, so elite, so...official.

And let's face it, that's what the majority of politicians, lobbyists, and Republicans here want to think of themselves, right?

Great post.

Mr. T in DC

I usually just say DC, rather than The District, or heaven forbid "Washington, DC."


What's the point?


I say "DC," and if I'm asked what part, I say, "The District," "the city itself," or "The Colony."


Um, dood, "District" is part of DC's actual name.

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