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June 18, 2007


Bob R

It was a great one, my friend. I tried to copy and post the photo of you hard at work, spending our tax dollars in the fight against evil (yes, the one of you sprawled on the beach, but at the least you are awake). Alas, I could not get the .jpg file to post here.


"I picked CelTel, and they installed the $3 SIM card for me, gave me some free minutes, and thanked me profusely."

Perhaps the US will catch up some day.


I don't see how this is a "cultural" difference. Perhaps more appropriate to label it as an effect of dramatically different government policies? After all, if ETC did not have a monopoly, folks in Addis would probably be able to choose from as many cell phone carriers as those in Dar.


You're right, this is a simple public policy issue. The GOE has chosen "a license to print money" that a monopoly represents, over better services for the people they represent, and increased foreign investment.


Hello Marc,
I stumbled up on your blog when I was googling for info about wenchi lake and I am glad I did. Your blogs are balanced and amusing.
Regarding the service ETC offers, well what can we do. I am a telecoms professional and I have been lucky enough to see the practices of many African countries. What the government didn't realize is that liberalizing the telecoms industry has lots of benefits. We are already missing out on the goodies of the 21st century. Uhhhh...

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