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June 29, 2007



I've been looking for books that cover the economic crisis in Africa and was disappointed to see that I should exclude this from my list. Could you come up with a group of books that you feel more clearly discuss the situation/are worthy of a read?



Thanks for your interest in the topic, Paige. Two good books about development in Africa are 'White Man's Burden' and 'The Trouble With Africa.' Both explore the roots of the continuing African economic and humanitarian problems. I reviewed one of them a while ago, and will review the other next week.


Thanks Marc. We've recently adopted from Ethiopia and my husband's consulting firm has generously offered to send us back to Addis for 6-12 mos. so that my husband can consult with an NGO. We are both eager for the opportunity, but agree that we need a better education about what spins the NGO wheels. These books seem like an excellent starting point.

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