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June 25, 2007



I missed Mexican food when I lived in Spain! In fact, I missed anything and everything spicy.

Why don't I run across the street from work and have a starbucks for you? I'll have them put two ice cubes in it, and then I'll drink it black!

I also missed Cheddar cheese, but by the second time I lived in Spain I had discovered a source for it.


Ooh, thanks. Have a double tall soy latte for me. Mmmm. Oddly, you can get almost every kind of cheese here. It's expensive but available (no queso machego though...). You can even get Mexican food, albeit with make-do ingredients.


Double Tall Soy Latte on my DESK! I had it made extra hot, though. I like it to last.

A major thing I missed in BCN was anything made at home in an oven. I had no oven, just a stovetop! So I was kind of limited in what I could make. No homemade pizza! No chocolate chip cookies! There was a bagel shop, though, which I used to go to with this Canadian couple I met. Ahhhh. The memories!

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