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August 31, 2007



You never end complaining. The electricity went out yesterday, water was turned off....etc..
You Americans don't know it all, look at the mess you have created in Iraq. So if you don't like it move back to your so called free and prosporous country. Where majority of Black people are imprisioned, where almost 50ml of the population is uninsured (3/4 of Ethiopian population), where the education system is very low even compared to some third world countries.
So fix your own problems before creating a mess in another country with your constant complaints.


Tina or the last blogger, water, electricity SMS etc are today's basic needs you find working in most countries except in Ethiopia.

Unless you work for the government, as an Ethiopian, I'm appalled by your response.

You're attacking the page owner by coming to his page, he's entitled to his opinion. and I love to hear what he says and his experience in Ethiopia. Anything for that matter. So your comments are unwarranted.


Hey anonymous, I'm sorry you need to be undercover. Marc often has (presumably Ethiopian) people attacking his experiences. I'm guessing things hit a little too close to home for them, because why else would they change the subject to Iraq or any other US fuckup?? Of course the US has problems. Nobody I know of denies that. It has NO BEARING whatsoever on the problems that other countries have. Like Ethiopia.

p.s. Come visit my blog, tina! OH, that's right, you CAN'T!


I'm not sure if you read my comment above properly but I'm defending and praising Marc. Let Marc write his views and blog. We love his blogs and visit it everyday. Keep writing Marc!



You must be Eritrean because Eritreans frequent blogs/websites/forums on Ethiopia and delight themselves reading and writing nasty things about my country.


I always read you defend Marc. Any reason?


In a country where a lot of people can't afford to eat 3 meals a day, you are bitching about lack of text messaging. Where is your common sense? I honestly believe Ethiopia will do fine without your "expertise". It is much better for you and your family go back to America and live your lives the way are used to.

( No wonder Ethiopians show little interest befriending you)


Sami! Good to see you back, Dude. I was worried you didn't love me any more and had gone off to some other Ferenge's blog. As always, thanks for your even, non-defensive comments: much appreciated. Welcome back, and don't be such a stranger, man. Really.


Perfect response Marc.


Bravo Marc! what you're saying is fact. I enjoy reading your blog, keep it up!!



No body is holding you hostage in Ethiopia. You are free to leave the country. And I suggest you pack your bags and leave. I am sick and tired of reading you bitch about every thing in Ethiopia.


Yeah, Marc, if you want technology move to Rwanda!

Sami: if you are sick and tired of Marc "bitching" why not stop reading his blog and posting comments? I personally like the sarcasm.

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