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October 24, 2007



Actually a slight edit to your explanation. The Nouveau riche (or anyone with something to prove) get married at the Sheraton, Old money is at the Hilton (or these days at Kuriftu).

You also should know that there’s a party called ‘Tilosh’ a few days before the wedding where the groom’s family shows up to the woman’s home with gifts. It is quite entertaining as they exaggerate the value of their gifts and the family jokingly belittles it. “we got the most renowned weaver to create this silk scarf for her…it costs more than most people spend on a car”…family takes the scarf “aye, it still says made in china on it”

Then two days after the wedding is the “mels” where the new couple returns to her parents home and have a grand ol’ party.

I miss home.


The ring with a rock must be a new phenomena. Mimi, you forgot the "Kilikil", where the two families celebrate the blending of their families at the new bride and groom's house, half way through the week after the wedding.


Are you kidding? more than half of Addis Ababan's can't even own a decent house let alone a car. So are you saying these people are doomed to be single for the rest of their lives. I think you are talking about the elite minority (upper classa & middle class),you need to get out more and go the slams of Addis, say kaznchees, Arat Kilo.


Right. I could show my white face in those neighborhoods, and all I would see is a mob of kids screaming ferengeferengeferengeferenge! or moneymoneymoneymoney!

But you're right. I only talk to the people I work or socialize with and they all need cars to get married.

Joel Haasnoot

Bout the cars: that's part of the status too... The more cars you have following you on the wedding day, the better. And yes, sometimes it will happen that a forengi with a car gets invited to a wedding mainly so there's an extra car to be in the procession and can help share the load of transporting everyone...

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