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November 29, 2007



Wikipedia says the Boomtown Rats.


You needed Wiki to find that out. You really are young. I'm pretty sure Marc already new ;-).


And old enough know that their one hit was "I don't like Mondays" because I heard it on WIDR in Kalamazoo.


these dirty ferenji rockstars have no doubt sinister agendas and are no doubt cia/mi6 agents who conduct psychological warfare and defamation campaign.
they should be careful because they could be targets.

they are subhumans !


THE SUBHUMANS Bono and Bob Geldof are suspected to be anglo-saxon,one of the worst people to visit the planet,agents and their
agendas are sinister,harming people and countries appearing to help.

the dirty ferenjis and cia and mi6 mght have thought that they could cheat people,but not for long.
ferenjis,the worst people in the history of the world,are now doing themselves harm as a result of those theaters by those subhumans.

how could they think for a second that they could attack the pride and self-confidence of ethiopians and africans and blacks using those subhumans disguised as humanitarians ?

but as descendants of slavetraders,mass murderers(the ferenji americans have killed upto 100 million blacks and native americans)and thieves of course one would not expect anything good from ferenjis.

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