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November 28, 2007



No, not really. I can make your server see what I want it to see without much trouble. What is scary to me is that my government wants to know not only who I talk to and who I associate with but also what we talk about. My government knows what I spend my money on, when I spend it, and they want to know why. And I'm just a school teacher...


OK, smarty-pants.

What's my favorite color?



Marc Gumbo,

So what? Are you trying to scare us into not commenting on your half-baked blog?


Hey Marc, if that help scare Tina, am very happy to see her disappear in to thin air.


Marco, you stirred the pot with that last entry, methinks.

Hey, what does OT mean? Off Topic?


Marc, you know You love me. Your blog will be boring without moi:-)


Mike: Yeah, but not everybody can do that stuff you do. (BTW, that Christmas-past hologram you sent over the DARPA net cell carrier scared the bejesus out of me last night.)

Chou-Chou: Blue. Any other questions?

Sami: Half-baked? There was a time I would have said "Dude, I'm totally baked!" but now I'm more like barely-warmed-over.

Stew: OT=Off-topic

Tina: Love you Babe, never change. And I mean that. Really. Namaste.

Joel Haasnoot (Ex-Ferenge in Addis)

All of that info can be faked and it's normal that that changes from time to time. It's like your IP Address points to Ethiopia, but that doesn't tell me where you live :)


Blue? Close, but no cigar. Red. But blue is my second-favorite, so I'll give you points anyway.

Love love love your blog, btw. Keep it up!

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