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November 26, 2007




I admit, it can be hard sometimes to differenciate what is true and what is not, when the culprits shout louder, and a super power (US) backs their lies and distortions, but still it does not excuse your burying your head in the sand and saying I don't know much about the society I live amongst.

Bare with me, it might be a longish response, but I promise it will be worth your while.

Here are quotes from your fellow country men and law makers about the horn of Africa, so as you don't accuse me of bias :)

Sen. Patrick Leahy speaking about Ethiopia

Mr. President, during the Cold War we supported some of the world’s most brutal, corrupt dictators because they were anti-communist. Their people, and our reputation, suffered as a result. Now the White House seems to support just about anyone who says they are against terrorism, no matter how undemocratic or corrupt. It is short sighted, it tarnishes our image, and it will cost us dearly in the long term.

Taken from:

Donald M. Payne (D- New Jersey) comment on the Ethiopian/US excuse of invading Somalia.

In my opinion, and even the State Department’s, Dr. Jendayi Frazier admitted that al-Ittihid was not dominated and run by alQaeda. And I think that, although the Islamic Courts Union Government of Somalia was not the best formed, one thing that I personally believe, and facts support, is that it is not al-Qaeda dominated. It may become, since this belligerent attack on them has occurred under our encouragement.So this is another example of where I think that our policy is going to create animosity when it could, I think, have been dealt with in another way.

Dana Rohrabacher (R- California) on the border issue with Eritrea.

As we know, at one of the hot spots in Africa, for decades has been a border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and as part of this partnership, we basically have been ignoring a commission that was put in place, with the agreement of Ethiopia and Eritrea, to respect the boundaries as established by the commission, and here we are walking away from that in order to have the Ethiopians’ partner be our proxy and invade Somali on our behalf.
What is that going to do to the cause of peace? We are telling everybody in Africa what? They can now ignore peaceful methods
of solving problems because if somebody makes a deal with us, we will negate the basic understandings of abiding by peaceful solutions.
The whole thing stinks. It is something that we need to talk about. I am glad we are having a hearing today. The last part we need to look at is, number one, what comes with repression? Corruption, and we have overwhelming corruption going on in Ethiopia. I have been trying to fight, for years, for some of my constituents who happen to have come from that country whose property was confiscated, and what happens? It goes right into the pockets of the clique that runs the country.

US State department offical (Jendayi Frazer) litteraly condoning the rape, massacre and torture of civilians in the Ogaden inspite of reports from Red cross and MSF and other charities.



What is being done in the name of Democracy in the horn Africa is similar to someone trying to be christian with out adhering to the 10 commandment.

So I will leave you to make your own conclusion.


I must say you are an optimist. What do you expect sitting in the middle of a s*** and expecting to smell of roses.

The brilliant thing is, when you are a poodle of bush, you can even get away with it accusing of all countries Norway a sponsor of terror.



Marc Gumbo,

There was no tourist kidnapped in Ogaden. The British tourists were kidnapped in Afar Region and were taken to Eritrea where they were released. The leader of the kidnappers gave interview in Asmara pretty much collaborating Ethiopia's allegation that the kidnapping was masterminded by the rogue regime in Eritrea.

In Ogaden, 74 Chinese and Ethiopian oil workers were massacred in their sleep by a terrorist group that calls itself ONLF. A few other workers were kidnapped but were later released at the behest of the Eritrean dictator after China pressed the regime to talk to its terrorist client.

Marc, you claim to be in Ethiopia as a health worker, but it is doubtful. You have some other ulterior motive for being in Ethiopia. These days NGOs have become good refugee for those engaged in covert activities.



What are you a goebbels equivalent for the government. Why do you like blaming everybody except the government.

First off the Afar kidnapping was done by separatist afars, even the british government concedes it has nothing to do with Eritreans.
Conveniently after some months some afars gave their hands and hey presto they blame Eritreans.

I don't condone what the ONLF with the ONLF, as I do not agree with the government way of dealing with rapes, executions and mass starvation.

Stop blaming any body and every body including Marc. I don't see you saving lives where ever you are.


Sami said: "Marc, you claim to be in Ethiopia as a health worker, but it is doubtful. You have some other ulterior motive for being in Ethiopia"


Um yeah. Marc as a covert operative. Marc, I didn't know you were so...mysterious.


Yeap the bogyman theory can go both ways, that is blaming the current government for everything that is going wrong with the country. Ethiopia is/was one of the poorest country in the world and used to be even poorer in the previous regimes, as far as I can remember the country is known for the 1974 and 1984 famine that both occurred in the previous two regimes. In fact the current government is encouraging investment, Ethiopia is now known for one of the fastest growing GDP even though the population has almost doubled in the last 20 years, the coffee export, flower export, the ever expanding NGO's and private foreign investors that feel safe to be in the country unlike during the previous communist regime. Universities and colleges are being built in all parts of Ethiopia, roads, electricity and water are reaching small villages and communities.

Marc do you think you can even utter a single word against the government if it was the Derg regime? Yes, We do have a long way to go but we have started the first baby steps of Democracy so do not expect it to be like that of the US overnight. The opposition love to hate the current government because the PM Mr.Zenawi (which by the way is one of the most intelligent person) is from the minority Tigrian ethnic group. They are burning with envy and blame everything under the sun on the government and even ethnic Tigrians. Yes KKK is an angel compared to the so called Oppositions that are playing "hate politics".


Stew: Oh, I know, me as a covert operative. LOL. Remember that movie 'Ishtar' where the two doofuses (is that a word?) act like secret agents? It would be like that. I mean, if I can get to the right place in Piazza (downtown) and back while only getting lost twice I'm a happy guy. And I can barely get into my own embassy with an American passport and a commissary pass. Some slick operator...


geez. and i was just going to poke fun at the fact that marc refers to himself as a "tool" several times.

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