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February 05, 2008



"Enkwan Dehna MeTah" is how you say welcome in Amharic.


Two years in Ethiopia, and yet he doesn't know how to greet in Amharic. It says a lot about you, dude.

Marc Luoma

No kidding Pirate! This makes all the more rich the comments about an "agent." Can someone too stupid to learn more than 20 words of Amharic in a year possibly be an "agent" for anything other than confusion? LOL!


CIA Marc,

Nice try. You don't have to know Amharic to be a foreign agent in Ethiopia. You can delegate some of the job to the local contact/"interpreter". If I were the Ethio government, I would go back and check out key people you had contact with in Ethiopia.


Dude. I never realized you were a CIA agent. LOL!!!

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