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February 07, 2008



A plain cup of Starbucks coffee cost $3 where you are? It's like, half that here.


ha! welcome back indeed. you have to start thinking in dollars again. you will go nuts if you keep thinking of that birr value.


man, somebody is making good money selling cars. kbb.com has the 1998 toyota corolla pegged at $5000



Interesting comparison.
The $ sign without "birr" description a bit tricky. Don't tell us you forgot "birr" already. just kidding! Once upon a time in a good old days, Ethiopian birr had almost equivalent value with a dollar, now we're left only with the dollar sign to remember.

Why the hair tip is $1.10 birr? That .10 cents is odd, though.

Marc Luoma

I converted the birr values to dollars to make comarison easier. So 10 birr I listed as $1.10.

disappointed abesha


I am really going to miss your blog from Addis. Being from there and getting your American sense of humor, your blog has been such a delight.

Maybe another "Yankee" will pick up where you left off.

One more thing: you handled some of the 'impolite' comments with grace. I did expect that from you and you didn't disappoint.

Good luck

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