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February 04, 2008



That is why I like Trader Joe's. They have got enough selection of things that you can choose from without being overwhelmed. I am sure they have a number of them in MD.


Are you enjoying your Fruity Pebbles? Tee hee...Wait until you venture into a grocery store that sells more housewares, etc. than food. I stopped in a new Kroger market the other day, and couldn't find the food through the aisles of furniture, housewares, party supplies, videos, etc. I've never seen anything like it. At least when we try to pick up our beloved Go Lean Crunch and veggie burgers at a Target Greatland, I know how to navigate through the rest of the store. Welcome home!



Now that you're back to US in the midst of election time....I'm curious about your thought of who can lead America best...from the perspective of the rest of the world...what do you think ?

eager for your input

Marc Luoma

Me? My opinions on politics are probably not worth the time it takes to read them, but since you asked: Obama.

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